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“Clark Bartram is a prime example of a physically, spiritually and mentally fit individual”

Fitness Pioneer and Legend Jack Lalanne

A Calling To Help Others

Over the last 30 years Clark Bartram has invested his time, energy, passion and his “calling” to the betterment of his fellow humans. So much that he was recently honored by the National Fitness Hall of Fame for his dedication and service in helping men, women and children in the areas of mind, body and spirit.

“Clark Bartram is a prime example of a physically, spiritually and mentally fit individual” said fitness pioneer and legend Jack Lalanne.

The Humble Expert

Over 130 magazine covers, ISSA Master Trainer, United States Marine Rugby payer, speaker, best selling author, television and movie star are just a few of the accolades that have been complied over Clark’s illustrious career.

Even with this impressive resume Clark will tell you his greatest accomplishment is his marriage to Anita of over 30 years, and raising his two awesome children Taylor and Mitch.

His client list is deep and wide and includes the fittest of the fit all the way to the most novice from California to Calcutta.

Clark truly feels he was created to do what he does and his commitment shows with everyone he works with….

A One Step Body

One Step Body was created by Clark Bartram for the sole purpose of ending all the confusion and detail in the fitness industry.

“All of these plans are too complicated and too much of a commitment for most people and I had to make something basic and simple that people could have success with. Giving them only what they need, when they need it seemed to work for most of the people I work with, so I opened it up to anyone who wants to get started.”

The 4 Pillars that  make up One Step Body are what make this program so effective.

Serving Our Nation

Being a Marine has given me the discipline and leadership abilities that have been the key to becoming a successful coach in the fitness industry. Leading by example is the greatest lesson I learned as a young Marine. Leading by example is exactly how I approach my role in the lives of the people who I'm fortunate enough to cross paths with.

Having a positive example of what is possible is partially why so many have joined one of my programs over the last thirty years. I have a great passion to help others. I'm thankful for my time as a Marine for many reasons and having this coaching opportunity is one.

The 4 Pillars of One Step Body


Getting just one meal substitution and the video of how to prepare it makes this process not just simple but fun, informative and entertaining. Join Clark and guests in his kitchen and “prep”  a weeks with of just one meal and be ready for the week.


Exercise is nothing more than movement but most people don’t move enough in Clark’s experience, so he delivers something fun, easy and effective each week. This could come in the form of a challenge or a simple workout that you can do in the privacy of your own home with little or no equipment.


Coaching, relationship, tough love, encouragement, edification and real talk are just a few of the ways Clark’s clients have described his style when personally interacting with them. This, in Clark’s opinion, could be the most critical element of his One Step Body program.


Being added to Clark’s growing online community is a strategic step towards sustainable change and is the place where you will have day to day contact with Clark. It’s actually Clark who is the most active in this group and this alone could be worth more than the actual purchase price of his program.

Start the 7 Day Jump Start Challenge
Start the 7 Day Jump Start Challenge